As Per A New Profile Of Travis Scott, The Rapper Could Be Making A Whopping $100Millions This Year
Travis Scott Is On His Way To Making $100 Million Claims Reports

We are in the last month of 2020, and things seem to be picking up pace – finally. Recently, rapper Travis Scott was in the news for spending Thanksgiving with ex-wife Kylie Jenner and daughter Stormi Webster; and now he is making headlines for earning almost $100million this year.


You read the previous statement right. Scott’s endorsement roster includes brands that appeal to youth like PlayStation and Epic Games as well as others like General Mills, McDonald and more. Want to know where the money has come in from? Well, scroll down, and you will get the answer.


A new Forbes profile of Travis Scott is here, and it reveals the rapper has made the enormous sums of money from corporate partnerships. In fact, the magazine even dubbed him the “corporate America’s brand whisperer.”

The money magazine reported that Travis Scott possibly earns around $10 million from his Nike deal. The demand for Nike x Travis Scott sneaker line has grown in popularity, leading to more deals as well as the opportunity to change the rules of celebrity sponsorships.

The magazine also noted that the ‘Butterfly Effect’ rapper made close to $20 million for a deal signed with games company Epic. This deal saw Scott conceive a new type of performance art – performing live for nine minutes on its successful ‘FortNite’ game. The live concert drew 12 million viewers.

Forbes also wrote that Travis Scott earned an estimated $5 million from the traditional endorsement part of his deal with McDonald. For this, Travis produced his own meal combo, which became so popular the restaurant giant suffered a supply shortage. Besides the $5million, Scott made another $15 million from merchandise sales from the McDonald.

The magazine further reported that Travis has a deal with Playstation that has earned him at least $1 million. While that seems low, a source told the magazine that it is “a multiyear deal that could involve a cobranded console and perhaps even a game designed by Scott.” Expected earnings are said to be around $20 million or more.

The magazine quoted a source in the Scott camp claiming that he is soon going to make $100million. The source said he’s “on track to bring in more than $100 million in earnings this year through creative corporate partnerships.”

With him bringing in such a considerable amount, we are sure he is going to pamper ex Kylie Jenner and daughter Stormi Webster. Don’t you agree?

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