Tom Holland: “Hopefully Audiences Disconnect From The Spider-Man World & Dove Into Antonio’s World In Devil All The Time”
Tom Holland On Doing The Devil All The Time: “Hopefully Audiences Disconnect From The Spider-Man World…” (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

One of the newest movies to come to Netflix is The Devil All The Time, which has such a star-studded cast. From Bill Skarsgard to Robert Pattinson and more, viewers are bound to see someone they’re a fan of. Tom Holland, who we all know as Spider-Man, too plays an important character in this film as Arvin.

Well, playing this character was surely very new for the actor and to look at him like this was unique for the fans as well. This appealed Tom, and it is one of the reasons for him to agree to do the film. But he has an appeal to make to his fans. Continue reading to know what it is.

Tom Holland’s been in the industry for years now, but made a significant name for himself by playing the famous superhero Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans have praised his version of Peter Parker as one of the best live-action portrayals of the beloved comic book character. And for a good reason; Holland really captures that young Parker outlook. But The Devil All The Time was a new challenge for him.

“It’s exciting for me to be able to play this character who talked to the lower register, who’s slower, who talks and maybe a more menacing voice,” Holland said in a video for Netflix Film Club. “With a film like this, the most important first step is getting the accent right. If you don’t get the accent right, then you may as well not do it.”

“What really attracted me to this role was just the fact that I would be pushing myself in ways I haven’t,” Tom Holland said. He noted that it was a “fun process” knowing who viewers associate him with. “I wanted to bring what was on the page alive. For me, that meant a sort of like finding things in me. I didn’t know I had. Alvin’s a very aggressive person, a very angry person, while also being a very caring, loving and calm person. So it’s been a real sort of crazy ride for me to try and balance this attitude that he has towards life.”

Tom further added, “For me, it’s been really exciting to sort of dove into something new and fresh, and hopefully audiences disconnect from the Spider-Man world and dove into Antonio’s world. That is The Devil All The Time.”

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