Nicole Kidman Excised From Tom Cruise Montage At Cannes
Nicole Kidman Was Surgically Cut Out From Tom Cruise’s 10-Minute Career Retrospective Montage At Cannes 2022 (Photo Credit – Facebook)

Guess who was snipped out of Tom Cruise’s 10-minute career retrospective montage at the 75th Cannes Film Festival? None other than his wife of 10 years and co-star in three of his films, Nicole Kidman.


The montage, studded with shots of Cruise saving the world as Ethan Hunt from various ‘Mission: Impossible’ adventures, was screened before the star-studded world premiere of ‘Top Gun: Maverick‘.


Here’s how ‘Variety’ has reported the excision of footage featuring Kidman: Sure, ‘Days of Thunder’, the film that Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise met cute on, was represented, but no footage of the two of them in a torrid embrace was on display. Instead, it was only shots of Cruise behind the wheel of a very fast car.

Yes, there were clips from ‘Far and Away’, but only Tom Cruise riding a horse. No Nicole Kidman to be found.

And, of course, ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ made the grade, “it being the final film from auteur-iest of auteurs” Stanley Kubrick (the French love their filmmakers!). That erotic drama featured Cruise and Kidman as a married couple whose relationship is challenged by the wife’s admission that she contemplated having an affair. But Cannes didn’t go with anything from the pair’s wrenching confessional moments. Instead, Cruise is glimpsed removing a mask.

Other Tom Cruise co-stars were on display and they included Dustin Hoffman (‘Rain Man’), Kristen Dunst (‘Interview with the Vampire’), Ren�e “you complete me” Zellweger (‘Jerry Maguire’) and Penelope Cruz (‘Vanilla Sky’).

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