Tessa Thompson Talks About Valkyrie’s S*xuality & Thor: Love And Thunder
Thor: Love And Thunder Stars Tessa Thompson As Valkyrie ( Photo Credit – Movie Still ; Thor: Love And Thunder Poster )

There are a lot of reasons to be excited for Thor: Love And Thunder, the Marvel film that has dominated the mainstream headlines periodically over the past year. First and foremost, it is the follow up of Ragnarok, which is labelled to be one of the best Marvel Cinematic Universe flicks. Then of course there is Chris Hemsworth and his extra bulging muscles this time. But the cherry on top is the actor who will have a lengthier presence this time and it is none other than Tessa Thompson. The actor is reprising her character Valkyrie in the movie.

For the ones who did not observe, Valkyrie, who was introduced in Thor: Ragnarok in 2017 by Taika Waititi, is the first openly gay character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When the movie showcased a flashback of her history on Asgard, she embraced a female soldier there dropping a hint about her s*xuality which was later confirmed.

Turns out, in Thor: Love And Thunder both Taika Waititi and Tessa Thompson are willing to explore Valkyrie’s character in a way it was never done before. As per her interview with The Wrap, Tessa said, “It’s totally exciting. We talk so much about representation and obviously, in terms of the LGBTQIA community, there’s still so much work to be done. But if you look at the comics in the canon, there are so many queer characters!”

Tessa Thompson also shed light on the difficulties of portraying a gay character on screen. “It’s hard because Taika and I would’ve even liked to go further, but in the context of the movies, there’s only so much we can do,” she said, pointing out the limits of time and genre in the superhero action franchise. “Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of time invested in love stories in Marvel movies in general.”

The Valkyrie fame goes on to say that Thor: Love And Thunder will be different on that part. “I think that will be a little different on the new Thor, which is exciting,” said Thompson. “And getting to play a character that historically is not written for somebody that looks like me, all of that felt exciting.”

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