Gina Carano To Fight With The Mandalorian Makers?
Gina Carano To Step In The Battle Ground With Disney & Lucasfilm? ( Photo Credit – Getty images / Gina Carano ; IMDb / Mandalorian )

The Mandalorian is very much still a hot topic of discussion for everything that is happening around it. Apart from half the backlash due to some of Disney’s decision of which one is shooting in China, the other is of course Gina Carano’s exit. After an agitated movement and people asking the studio to fire the actor for some of her remarks, the actor had to call it off and quit the show. While we thought that was it, turns out it isn’t the case. If the grapevine now is to be believed, Carano has not left the topic and is still at it, she is planning to fight with the studio (Lucasfilms) and below is all you need to know.

If you have been away from the news, Gina called for trouble with her political activism and conservative views. When the netizens observed them, they were quick to lash out at the actor just when The Mandalorian season 2 was about to begin. Not to forget, her statements on COVID-19 and wearing a mask not just added fuel to the fire but also made it intense. As the backlash continued, Carano was firm on her stand and refused from taking back her statement. The studio could not hold the ground anymore and decided to cut ties with the actor.

Turns out, Gina Carano, who has finally started opening up about the row has not left the topic and might continue to pursue it. As per We Got This Covered and their intel Daniel Richtman, Carano is planning to fight LucasFilms in the press and her latest interview was just the first step in the move. There is no confirmation or hint from Gina who is quite active on social media otherwise.

Meanwhile, Gina Carano in her interview with Ben Shapiro was quite vocal about her dismay with Disney Plus and Lucasfilms. She said, “You know how boxers head-hunt sometimes and forget to go for the body? I feel like Disney or Lucasfilm or whoever it is, just certain people at that company…I feel like I’ve been being head-hunted (…) and you can feel it.”

Gina Carano added, “Just a couple of weeks ago, Lucasfilm asked an artist that they employ to erase my character and put a different character in place, and he proudly announces this on Twitter, and erases my character and puts another character in place. All the fans of Cara Dune were just outraged. They were like ‘Why didn’t you add the character? Why did you have to take off the character? Is there something wrong? Is Gina getting fired?”

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