#FirePedroPascal Trends On Twitter As Netizen Demand Pedro Pascal’s Exit From The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian: Fans Demand Pedro Pascal’s Exit, Trend #FirePedroPascal ( Photo Credit – Twitter / Pedro Pascal ; IMDb / The Mandalorian )

The Mandalorian and Disney at large are in the eye of the storm and seemed like the studio sought a conclusion as they decided to fire Gina Carano after the Nazi row. But seems like that is not where the trouble for the studio ends, who has been time and again accused of double standards and highly miss-representation. While #FireGinaCarano saw a conclusion yesterday, netizens have now dug down deep in Pedro Pascal’s social media activities and found a rather bold tweet. They are now demanding Pedro’s termination, and #FirePedroPascal is now trending on Twitter ever since.

The former Mandalorian star in her opinion has compared the hate for a citizen with a strong political view with discrimination and prejudice faced by Jews in Nazi Germany. This created a whirlpool that took away her Star Wars dream from her. Now the new tweet has Pedro Pascal comparing Germany of 1944 to America of now and it has triggered the same emotion.



The said tweet by The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal sated back to June of 2018. It has yet another comparison of kids in Nazi Germany and in America now. He wrote, “#ThisIsAmerica.”

Pedro Pascal’s tweet has now given rise to a backlash and demand to fire him. A Twitter user wrote, “It’s not about politics. Its about one side being held to a different standard than the other. #PedroPascal compared America to Nazis, nothing. #GinaCarano made a post about nazis, they fired her.” Another reminded Disney of not just Pascal but the fact that they have also shot in China who still has concentration camps. The user wrote, “@disneyplus Seriously?? Double standard? #FirePedroPascal And you just filmed in China… where they still have concentration camps. Cancel culture who doesn’t even live up to your own standards!!”

However, a huge number of netizens felt the makers were harsh to Gina Carano because she is a woman and Pedro Pascal is a man. A user wrote, “You fired Gina Carano for the exact same tweet Pedro Pascal made. The double standard is astonishing. So, at Disney, men keep their jobs for things women get fired for. #FirePedroPascal or #saveGinaCarano.”

Here are a few reactions compiled:

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