The Flash Has Caused A Massive Loss To Warner Bros Discovery?
The Flash Stars Ezra Miller & Released Two Weeks Ago(Photo Credit –Imdb)

One of the most shocking things that have happened in the past couple of week is the never expected doomed run at the Box Office that The Flash has had. Starring Ezra Miller, the DCU flick that released in the theatres two weeks ago was one of the most anticipated movies for various reasons but it turns out that the buzz that it managed to create on the internet did not translate at all in the Box Office, and Warner Bros Discovery might be witnessing one of the biggest losses in a long time. Reports now label it a financial catastrophe.

For the unversed, The Flash was an event movie for DCU that has had its own journey. A bundle of delays and a ton of controversies later, the Andy Muschietti directorial finally found its release. The movie that opened the gates of multiverse for DCU managed to bring in Ben Affleck, Michael Keaton, Gal Gadot, Sasha Calle, Nicolas Cage, and many others to play pivotal parts in the film.

Now as per a viral Twitter thread that details the Box Office of The Flash and the losses it has laid on Warner Bros Discovery talks about how even a movie with Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton reprising Batman couldn’t bring an audience to the theatres. The Twitter user goes on to call the film a financial catastrophe, and below is all you need to know about the same.

The Flash has earned $200 Million globally in its second week. The budget of the movie is close to the same, and that is the first blow. The film saw a 72% drop at the US Box Office. Made on a budget of $ 190 Million with an additional $150 Million spent on marketing, the movie might end up causing a close to $200 Million loss to Warner Bros Discovery.

Twitter user Luis Fernando, while talking about The Flash Box Office, said, “Painful, but needs to be mentioned: if #TheFlash ends up within the projection,since studio just keeps half share from #BoxOffice global grosses, it won’t even pay its total 150M marketing campaign. WB would have lost less money releasing it on Max or not releasing it at all.”

He adds, “Not to mention apart from the expensive promo campaign, #TheFlash still has a 190M budget price tag. This film may easily lose more than 200M for WB when all is said and done, a financial catastrophe as dangerous as JusticeLeague, which led to a major shakeup at WB in 2017.”

Luis Fernando raises some very important questions about the future of DCU post The Flash’s doomed run. “The hard question to be asked is: what happens to the WBD’s finances if #BlueBeetle & #AquamanAndTheLostKingdom end up being financial disasters as well? Will WB afford producing CBMs in 2024 without cutting their budgets considerably? Will investors risk their $ again at WB?”

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