The Flash VFX Compared With Dwayne Johnson’s The Scorpion King
The Flash’s VFX & CGI Compared With Dwayne Johnson’s Infamous The Scorpion King ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

After many controversies and delays, Ezra Miller starrer The Flash has finally hit the theatres and has been discussed on the internet. While many are applauding the movie, some of them are calling out the movie because of its poor CGI and VFX. With all that, eagle-eyed fans have found a resemblance to a movie by Dwayne Johnson, which is not Black Adam. Read on to find out more about it!

Dwayne Johnson’s DC career might have been doomed ever since he appeared as Black Adam. While the movie failed to impress the audiences and create an impact at the box office, the fans were expecting a lot from the movie. However, as the Ezra Miller starrer movie was released, the superhero fandom caught a resemblance to an infamous The Rock’s blockbuster movie, and it isn’t Black Adam. Read on ahead to find out more about it!

Taking to Twitter, a user pointed out The Flash’s poor CGI and VFX. Comparing the putrid pixelation of countless characters, backdrops, and action sequences reminded the netizens of Dwayne Johnson’s The Scorpion King. “The CGI in The Flash looks like the same crap that they used to make the Scorpion King in Mummy Returns back in 2001,” said the tweet.

Take A Look:

The comparison came after the comments of director Andy Muschietti claiming that the sketchy CGI was done on purpose. The statement by The Flash director got to rank up there was one of the most incredulous.

Reacting to the tweet, another user commented about the poor CGI of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and added, “They’re going to watch “The Flash” because the CGI is utter garbage.”

“It makes the infamous Scorpion King look good,” said another user.

Another talked about the poor CGI of The Flash and said, “Everything in the speed force is ps4 level (and not the best ones). Go see it, fun time, but missed opportunity.”

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