Angelina Jolie Warned Brad Pitt About Her N*de Scene
Angelina Jolie Once Shared About Her N*de Scene & How She Warned Brad Pitt ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were among the most talked about celebrity couples who are not together anymore. While their relationship made headlines, their divorce is still one of the ugliest celebrity fallouts in the history of the showbiz industry. However, while they were madly in love with each other, Jolie once warned her husband and her family about her n*de scene, which did not come as she expected.

Jolie has had a varied range of acting performances in her acting career. In a few of her movies, the actress has had scenes that would just increase the temperature of them as she had to bare her physique for the camera. However, Beowulf, a fantasy film released in 2007, caught her off guard as an animated feature.

In the animated movie, Angelina Jolie not only voiced the character but also got in a bit of trouble when she and her co-stars found themselves physically acting out the scenes in the movie. The makers wanted to bring to life an animated version of these actors as they had wet suits on and dots on their faces tracking their movements. “But what it really does is strip everything down to the essentials of performing, especially in the scenes between Crispin and me. They were just pure amazing emotion,” said the actress while explaining about her n*de scene in the movie.

According to a report by The Morning Call, Angelina Jolie felt a bit weird with the dots on her face and the wetsuit-type costumes, with no props or sets. While filming the scene, she underestimated how real the performance would look and informed Brad Pitt and her family members.

“There were certain moments where I actually called home just to explain that the fun movie that I had done that was digital animation was, in fact, a little different than we expected. I was really surprised that I felt that exposed,” said the actress.

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