The Batman Star Robert Pattinson Says The Casting Backlash Was Less 'Painful' Than When He Was In Twilight
Robert Pattinson Compared The Batman Casting Backlash With That Of Twilight’s(Photo Credit: Still From The Batman/Twilight)

Robert Pattinson has opened up about the casting backlash he received for The Batman and says that it was better than when he was cast in Twilight. For the unversed, the actor has made his DC debut as the Caped Crusader in the latest flick. Directed by Matt Reeves, it was announced as early as 2019 that Rob will be playing the role.


Reeves, who took over the project from Ben Affleck, wrote the character while keeping Pattinson in mind. When it was officially announced that the Tenet actor will be taking up the role, several fans shared his disappointment over it.


Robert Pattinson’s casting as Bruce Wayne in The Batman became controversial. Now, that the film has been released that the minds have been changed, the actor has opened up about the backlash. While appearing in an interview with MTV, Pattinson discussed his thoughts on the role, as well as the reaction to him being cast in it. He further compared it with the backlash he faced when he was cast in Twilight.

“It was less aggressive than when I got cast in Twilight,” Robert Pattinson said. “Which is strange because no one even knew who I was. That was literally off of one photo, and they were like, ‘Absolutely not!’ That was way more painful,” The Batman actor said.

For those who don’t know, when the actor was selected for his role in the teen-vampire film series, people were against the casting. It did not help that author Stephenie Meyer was campaigning for Henry Cavill to play the role at the time.

However, now both Twilight and The Batman have proven that Robert Pattinson is an exceptional actor. He has delivered what has been expected from him and then some more. The enormity of the teen-vampire franchise and raving reviews, ratings, and the box office numbers of the DC flick is proof of it!

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