The New Villain of The Batman 2 Can Give A Tough Fight To Robert Pattinson's Night Vigilante
The Batman 2’s New Villain & Can Make Robert Pattinson’s Batman Look Weak ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, released in 2008, set some pretty high standards for all upcoming Batman movies. Luckily, Matt Revees’ The Batman lived up to everyone’s expectations; in fact, some might say that it surpassed them. Robert Pattinson, in the black cape, mask and deep throaty voice, looked like the perfect vigilante of Gotham. The movie’s sequel, The Batman 2, will release in 2025. As per a new update, the makers have also zeroed in on a villain.

The Riddler (Paul Dano) played the main antagonist in The Batman. Apart from him, the film also featured some major villains of the Bat-verse, including Penguin, Falcone and antiheroine Catwoman, played by Zoë Kravitz. Reportedly, some of these characters and a new dangerous face would return to the sequel. Scroll on to learn more.

According to Deadline, the famous DC Universe villain, Clayface, will play the main antagonist in The Batman 2. The supervillain has different origin stories in DC comics. One story revolves around Basil Karlo, who worked in B-grade horror movies. When certain makers did not cast him for a remake of his popular movie, he donned the alias Clayface, his famous character, and murdered the crew and cast of the sequel. In another origin story, Matt Hagen got exposed to a pool of radioactive protoplasm and turned into Clayface.

It is unclear which actor would play the role of Clayface in The Batman 2, and what origin story he would have. It is also reported that apart from Clayface, Penguin, Falcone, and Catwoman would reprise their roles in the second part of the franchise. Interestingly, filmmaker Mike Flanagan is also eager to make a film with Clayface as the lead.

Recently, viewers have become familiar with Clayface as the character frequently appears in the animated HBO Max show, Harley Quinn.

Matt Reeves’ The Batman starred villains who were experts at mind games and psychological dilemmas. It would be interesting to see how he would convince the audience to like a supervillain in The Batman 2.

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