The Batman 2 Is Still Happening & The Robert Pattinson Starrer Has An Update Around Its Script
The Batman 2 Gets An Update Regarding Its Script(Photo Credit –Still From The Batman)

The Batman 2 fans, cheer up, as we have a positive update on the Robert Pattinson starrer sequel amidst all the drama brewing in Warner Bros. After DC’s Batgirl was axed by the studios over budgeting issues, fans have been worried about what could be next. Sadly, another project on the Gothamite has been sacked by WB.

As per the recent reports, the HBO Max animated series, Batman: Caped Crusader, has been cancelled. J.J. Abrams, Matt Reeves, and Bruce Timm were working on the series. Considering that Reeves, who will be directing the aforementioned sequel, was on the project sent high hopes to fans.



But even that wasn’t enough as the series won’t be making its way to the streaming channel. However, there is a ray of hope as The Batman 2 has received a positive update. Previously, we had reported that the film is yet to be officially greenlighted by Warner Bros. This meant that the Robert Pattison starrer wouldn’t be hitting the silver screen for quite some time.

Now the new update from Deadline has confirmed that The Batman 2 is still happening. It has not only Matt Reeves as the writer for the script but also Mattson Tomlin as the co-writer. It’s good to know that some projects on the Dark Knight survived amidst the WB purge. Meanwhile, fans of the Robert Pattinson starrer are debating what the title of the sequel should be.

Several fans think that there should be a longer title to the movie while others are fine with just the label ‘Part Two.’ Some suggested adding ‘Arkham.’ This comes after speculations of the second instalment featuring the asylum as the first part ended with Paul Dano’s Riddler being admitted to it.

Whatever the title may be, we are happy that The Batman 2 has got an update that verifies it is not being axed as well. However, considering that the Robert Pattinson-led had a theatrical release and a box office hit, it seems unlikely that Warner Bros will not make the sequel.

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