Sylvester Stallone Shoveled Lion Dung In Central Park Zoo And Frequently Got Peed On By The Giants
Sylvester Stallone Shoveled Lion Dung In Central Park Zoo And Frequently Got Peed On By The Giants ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Sylvester Stallone is one of the biggest stars of Hollywood, but his road to success was not an easy one as the actor had to take up several odd jobs before finally making it big in the industry. While Stallone, on many occasions, has shared his days of hustling, a new book will bring out fresh details from the actor’s past. The book claims that Stallone once shoveled lion’s dung in a zoo to survive before his Rocky script got picked and earned him millions. Scroll down to read the details.

A new book by Nick de Semlyen called The Last Action Heroes: The Triumphs, Flops, and Feuds of Hollywood’s Kings of Carnage will shed light on how Sylvester Stallone made it big in the big bad world of movies. Stallone will also be seen in a Netflix documentary called Sly, which will explore the highs and lows of his 50-year-long decorated career in the business.

Speaking of Sylvester Stallone taking odd jobs, according to Unilad, the actor went homeless for a period and that is when he was sleeping at bus stops while drug addicts got high nearby. The book reveals that by 1970, Stallone was earning $1.12 an hour shoveling lion dung at Central Park Zoo. And, if this was not enough, the lions would often urinate on him whilst he was on the job. Speaking on the same, Stallone later recalled, “Not too many people ever have the thrill of seeing lions taking giant leaks. Let me tell you, they’re accurate up to 15 feet, and after a month of getting whizzed on, I quit.” Stallone was also initially dubbed as “not intimidating” enough to play a mugger in one of Woody Allen’s films.

However, Sylvester Stallone then decided to convince Woody Allen as he returned with his face covered in soot. Nick de Semlyen, in his book, has also mentioned how the actor in the school got bullied with nicknames such as Slant Mouth, Sylvia and Mr. Potato Head.

Speaking on the same, the author in the book recalls, “The doctor on duty clamped forceps onto his head as he emerged from the womb and pulled, too hard, severing a facial nerve above his jaw” which caused Stallone a lifelong speech impediment.

The Rocky star was also voted by teachers as “the student most likely to end up in the electric chair.”

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