Henry Cavill Didn’t Quit The Witcher But Was Fired?
Henry Cavill Announced His Exit From The Witcher After Announcing Superman Comeback(Photo Credit –Still From The Witcher)

Everything around Henry Cavill at this moment is making a thunderous buzz. The actor who was a few weeks ago announced to return as Superman celebrated the same as he even had to walk away from his other successful IP The Witcher. The announcement of the latter broke hearts but was also looked at as a measure of his return as the Clark Kent, calling it a contractual necessity. But the latest reports circling on the Internet have to say otherwise and if we go by them, Cavill didn’t exit but was fired from the Netflix show.

Yes, you read that right. The Witcher starred Henry as the leading man of the show, Geralt Of Rivia. The actor was appreciated by the critics and audience in unison for two seasons. But after he made his Superman comeback in Black Adam, Cavill soon announced that he is parting ways with the Netflix show he shaped so closely. No reasons were given in the heartfelt longish statement.

Now the latest reports claim that Henry Cavill was fired from The Witcher and he didn’t leave of his own will. There are rumours that the actor was toxic on the set and was even given ultimatums about his toxic gamer-bro attitude with the crew and especially ladies making it difficult to work with him. Read on to know more.

As per gossip account Deuxmoi, reported in Comic Book Movie, Henry Cavill was repeatedly cautioned about his “toxic, gamer-bro” like behaviour by Netflix before pulling the trigger. He was turning out. to be extremely difficult to work with and more for the female crew members. There was never any complaints about any s*xual misconduct but he was toxic and disrespectful with his words the report claims.

Apparently, “someone on the show” compared Henry Cavill’s alleged behaviour bro radicalization to “watching someone get brainwashed by QAnon.” The nail in the coffin as per the claims was when the Superman Fame started overriding showrunner Lauren Hissrich and “get changes made last minute across the board without her knowledge.”

Deuxmoi further claims that, “Eventually top brass at Netflix was tired of Henry Cavill costing them money with delays [and] HR investigations. The showrunner was asked to construct a potential exit for him. Netflix reached out to him personally, and he was given one final warning, and violated that warning with an email he sent to the entire writing staff, right after that meeting. That was it.”

There is no confirmation or hints about this from either party. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more.

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