Captain America Cried During S*x With Sharon?
Did Captain America Cry During S*x? Writers Reveal ( Photo Credit – Movie Poster )

Marvel Cinematic universe has come a long way since Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man kickstarted the universe, an era ended with Avengers: Endgame, with the OG members of the team handling down their mantles to their successors but there are still questions among fans about their favourite superheroes especially Steve Rogers aka Captain America.

The role of Captain America has been portrayed by the handsome Chris Evans and he has completely nailed the character. He made his first appearance in the movies back in 2011 with Captain America The First Avenger, his solo movie.

A lot has been shown about the Captain’s high morals and principles in the movies through his solo and Avengers films but a lot remained unquestioned about his personal life, and one of the most mysterious questions about him is whether he is a v*rgin or not? Well, that has been cleared in Marvel’s Phase 5 show, She-Hulk, where Mark Ruffalo’s bruce banner said he did get some action with a girl in 1943 on the USO tour. But that doesn’t seem to quench the thirst of the fans; now the question has arisen whether Captain America cries before, during or after s*x.

Yes, this question was asked by a fan to the comic writer Jackson Lanzing on Twitter, and he revealed that “there is a literal answer to [that] question” in a newly-released issue”. The question asked by the fan went like this, “Does Cap cry before/during/after sex?”, to which the writer answered, “I cannot believe I get to say this but there is a literal answer to this question in the pages of tomorrow’s CAPTAIN AMERICA comic. Enjoy.”

This takes place in Captain America: Sentinel Liberty #7; there was so much heat at that moment that our Captain couldn’t hold back his tears. This has surely made the fans quite happy and thrilled with excitement knowing another intimate detail about their favourite super soldier. Although Chris Evans made his last appearance as Captain America handling down the shield to the Falcon, but there are chances of him getting back for the Avengers: Secret Wars! Let’s keep our fingers crossed, though! And for more news on Marvel, keep an eye on Koimoi!

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