Tom Holland's SpiderMan Can Easily Have Chris Evans' 'Captain America' In A Fix & Here's The Proof!
Marvel Trivia SpiderMan aka Peter Parker Is Stronger Than ‘Captain America’ Steve Rogers? Here’s Proof! ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

The Marvel Comics is filled with some super strongs characters thanks to them being mutants (X-Men), God’s (Thor, Loki), products of experiments (Captain America, Winter Soldier) or getting bitten by a spider (SpiderMan). The Marvel Cinematic Universe has also seen some of these super-humans on silver screen – by have you wondered how strong they are?

Well in today’s Marvel Trivia, we are Koimoi tell you who’s the stronger Avenger in the MCU between Steve Rogers’ Cap and Peter Parker’s Spidey. Just know, these are based on facts and not some biasness.



There is no doubt that Steve Rogers aka Captain America is one strong Avenger in the MCU. Not only did the serum by Howard Stark & co give him superhuman strength but the vibranium sheild they equiped him is something not many superheroes or supervillains can break throught (not many being the focus word). However, when we see him take on his buddy Bucky Barns in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, while also using his sheild, we see his use all his might and still struggle to stop the Hydra-controlled character. But do you know there’s one Avenger who stopped Sebastian Stan’s character without flinching?

Yes, the teenage Avenger SpiderMan aka Peter Parker stops The Winter Soldier’s punches mid-way without so much so as breaking a sweat. Take for example there first hand-to-hand interaction at the hangar in Germany. While Tom Holland’s is battling Bucky and Anthony Mackie’s The Falcon aka Sam Wilson, he stops his punch with one hand while still continuing jumping around and spraying webs. Missed the scene? We’ll check it out here and also see Bucky’s reaction to the friendly neighbourhood superhero stopping him.

Take here another example. In the below video, we can see Tom Holland‘s SpiderMan holding together two half of the Staten Island ferry, stopping a 3000lbs SUV moving at 30/mph, holding the Santa Maria Formosa Bell Tower and more. While he is seen exerting some energy to hold these things together, we also see Chris Evans’ Captain America struggling with all his might to hold back a 3000lbs helicopter from flying away. Check out the compilation here:

After seeing these videos you still don’t believe us? Well, then for you we have some facts from marvel.fandom. As per their ‘Strength Scale’ report, Spider-Man (Peter Parker) can move around/hold up a minimum of 10 tons while Captain America (Steve Rogers) stresses out beyond 1200lbs.

Stay tuned to Koimoi for more Marvel Trivia. While on it, let us know who you think is the strongest Avenger and if we should tell you more of which superhero would win if pitted against each other.

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