Sam Smith wants kids by 35
Singer Sam Smith: “I Want Kids, I Want To Be Mummy”(Photo Credit – Instagram / Sam Smith )

Singer Sam Smith says they want to have children by 35.

Smith first came out to their family as gay at the age 10 and revealed he was non-binary in March 2019. By September 2019, the artist publicly announced their preferred pronouns to be “they/them”.

The 28-year-old singer opened up on Zane Lowe’s show about their journey to self-acceptance. Sam Smith also spoke about wanting to start a family, saying that they see themselves becoming a parent at least by the time they turn 35 years old.

“I want kids. I want all of it. I want to have kids. I want to be with the kids and I want to watch them grow and be with them every day. I want to be mummy,” Sam Smith said on the show, according to a report in

He added, “Look, I’ve always been non-binary. I’ve always felt the way I felt. When I changed my pronouns, things got complicated for sure. I felt a need to be presenting — all the time. It took time, it took real-time.”

Smith explained that they have had to adopt a patient mentality when encountering people who mistakenly call them by “he/him” pronouns.

“I’ve had to just go into myself and try and deal with it in a really kind way and patience, and just know that everyone’s working on this. It’s going to take time,” Smith said.

“We’re changing a language here,” he declared.

Smith said that they feel newfound freedom in fully actualising their gender expression every day.

“It sounds cliche to say it, but I feel so free. I feel so unafraid of failure, unafraid of my imperfections,” they said.

“I don’t feel a lot of fear at the moment, because I just feel like I could do everything wrong and it would still be okay because I’ve got my own back. I really have my own back, and that’s a lovely feeling to feel,” they added.

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