Shotgun Wedding To Exclusively Release On Lionsgate Play In India On 27th January Here Is What Jennifer Lopez Has To Say About The Upcoming Action - Comedy
Shotgun Wedding: Jennifer Lopez-Starrer Get’s Its India OTT Release Date

Adding one more wedding to your list this season, Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel starrer action comedy Shotgun Wedding is here to give new meaning to the phrase “till death do us part.” With some armed men on the guest list, attend a fascinating wedding with sizzling chemistry between the hottest couple – Shotgun Wedding, releasing on 27th January 2023 exclusively on Lionsgate Play.

Written by Mark Hammer the film captures an extravagant destination wedding on a tropical island being hijacked by criminals, in the midst of it all the couple discovers why they fell in love with each other in the first place.

Talking about the script of Shotgun Wedding, Jennifer Lopez shared, “Our couple, Darcy and Tom, have finally made it to the big day at their exotic destination wedding with all their loved ones in attendance, and basically nothing goes to plan. There are a lot of twists and turns and very unexpected things happen, but that’s what makes the ride so much fun. I just loved the script. There was a wit and a realness in the dialogue in the way Tom and Darcy went back and forth. And I was excited about the idea of doing a romantic action comedy, which is something I hadn’t done before.”

Adding on her character in Shotgun Wedding, Jennifer Lopez said, “Darcy is a lawyer who fights for other people, but when it comes to what she wants, she’s usually willing to give in. She puts on this really tough exterior, like she’s fine with all of that, but really she’s not taking care of herself. She doesn’t know how to say no. I liked the idea of flipping the gender roles—where instead of a bridezilla, you have a groomzilla. It is the woman who is afraid of commitment and not sure about the actual idea of marriage. Darcy does love Tom, but she’s not really sure if that’s what she wants.”

Lionsgate Play will exclusively stream Shotgun Wedding in India from 27th January 2023

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