Shawn Mendes Opens Up About His Personal Struggles In A Message
Shawn Mendes Shares An Emotional Message On Social Media ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Shawn Mendes took to his Twitter to pour his heart out in a lengthy message about the private struggles he’s been going through in his life. Mendes has been hitting the headlines a lot these days. He recently broke up with his long-time girlfriend, Camila Cabello, and hasn’t been doing so well after that.

Previously, Shawn revealed his post-break-up strategies. The Stitches singer said that he is feeling the spike of both ‘good’ and ‘bad.’ He is trying to not be too hard on himself and that he realises having many people in life to reach out to.



Now, the singer has posted a message on his Twitter regarding the up and down feelings he’s been having about who he is as a person. In it, Shawn Mendes wrote, “sometimes I ask myself what is it that I should be doing with my life and what I always hear in return is ‘to tell the truth, to be the truth.'” “I feel like that’s a hard thing to do though,” Shawn added.

“I’m afraid that if people know and see the truth, they might think less of me. They might become bored of me. So in those moments of feeling low, I either put on a show or hide.” Shawn Mendes continued. “The truth is even with so much success, I still find it hard to feel like I’m not failing,” he said. The singer added that he felt like he was “drowning.”

Read the whole message here:

The comment section was filled with support from the fans of the Teach Me How To Love singer, who was also worried for him. Due to this, Mendes tweeted another message that read, “I’m honestly so okay! I just wanna communicate with you guys in a real honest way. So I just typed a big old note out for you lol.”

Recently, Shawn Mendes also released a new single, ‘When You’re Gone,’ which fans speculated is a song based on Camila Cabello. As per the lyrics, it seems like the singer regrets breaking up with her.

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