Shawn Mendes Opens Up On How He Feels About Taylor Swift's Boyfriend, Joe Alwyn
Shawn Mendes Reveals His Startling Opinion About Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend, Joe Alwyn(Pic Credit: Instagram/joe.alwyn, shawnmendes)

World-famous singer Shawn Mendes had recently responded to some difficult questions as he arrived on Vanity Fair’s lie detector test interview! From Justin Bieber to Harry, the Stitches singer revealed some of his truest opinions about them.

The singer also expressed his feelings about Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Joe Alwyn! In a stunning comment, Mendes conveyed his opinion about Joe Alwyn and told that he has a “villain look.” That’s brutal!



Shawn Mendes in his lie detector examination was inquired if he is still in touch with Taylor Swift and if they text each other yet. The singer rapidly reacted to this by saying that he constantly seeks music guidance from Taylor. However, when asked about what he feels about her sweetheart Joe Alwyn, Shawn initially began calling him a “sweet guy” though he was interrupted for his deceitful reply, after which he said the truth.

After he got caught on the lie detector, Shawn Mendes expressed, “I’m lying a little bit? Yeah, I mean, he’s kind of got a little bit of a villain look about him. He looks like a nice guy but, like, he at any movement could turn into a villain, you know?”

Mendes later explained that it was Joe’s blue eyes that made it hard for him to trust Alwyn as he added, “He’s got blue eyes and I struggle with eyes that blue, you know? Like I find it easier to trust brown eyes.”

Not only about Joe, but Shawn also got super real about Justin Bieber as he disclosed that the two have never spoken over his 2018 Met Gala outing with Bieber’s now-wife Hailey Bieber. Shawn Mendes also remembered getting really uncomfortable after meeting Justin for the first time and said that his face was trembling during that moment.

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