Scarlett Johansson's THIS Film Is Having A Netflix Release Next Month & NO It's Not Black Widow
Scarlett Johansson’s THIS Film Is Having A Netflix Release Next Month & NO It’s Not Black Widow (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Recently Scarlett Johansson was in the headlines for her movie Black Widow. Million hearts broke after the release date of the movie was pushed yet again. Fans are eagerly waiting to experience the story of Natasha Romanoff. Unfortunately, there is still time for it. But, we have another piece of good news for all the fans.

What if we tell you that Scarlett will be seen in a film which is releasing on October 1, excited to hear this? Well, then we are sure that you all must be wanting to know the details of the film. Continue reading further to know more.

According to reports in We Got This Covered, the critically acclaimed Spike Jonze film ‘Her’ is set to land on Netflix on October 1. The high concept movie stars Joaquin Phoenix as a depressed man going through a divorce, eventually finding companionship with his Alexa-like AI assistance Samantha (voiced by Scarlett Johansson).

Okay, we know that it is just the actresses voice, but isn’t that also a treat for fans? The movie was a big hit upon release, grossing double its budget and picking up a ton of awards, including Academy Award nominations for Best Picture and Best Screenplay. Both Phoenix and Johansson received a lot of praise for their performances as well, with the latter being singled out as filling in the AI’s disembodied artificial voice with genuine personality and making the unlikely romance work.

Interestingly, Scarlett Johansson was a very late addition to the cast. Samantha Morton was initially brought on for the role, delivering her performance on set from within a carpeted box and avoiding interacting directly with Phoenix. But things didn’t pan out.

‘Her’ was a very forward-thinking film of its time. It correctly depicted our future. This film came out at a time when real-life virtual assistants like Siri were only just beginning to become popular. Also, Amazon’s Alexa didn’t even exist.

In any case, if you missed the film back when it came out, be sure to catch it on Netflix starting October 1st. Let us know how excited you are to hear Scarlett Johansson next month.

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