Ryan Gosling Dancing His Heart Out At The Age Of 12 With Beautiful 'Barbie' Girls Is Out Of This World & Netizens Are Charged Up [Watch]
Ryan Gosling At 12 Dancing Like A Pro & Surrounded With Girls Proves Why He Is The Perfect Ken To Barbie (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Ryan Gosling has starred in a wide range of films, from independent dramas to big-budget blockbusters, and has consistently received critical acclaim for his performances. His breakthrough came in 2004 when he starred opposite Rachel McAdams in the romantic drama The Notebook. The film was a huge success, and Gosling’s performance was praised by critics.

Gosling is currently one of the most in-demand actors in Hollywood. He is set to star in the upcoming Barbie movie, in which he plays Ken. The film is already generating a lot of buzz, and fans are excited to see Gosling take on this iconic role. But we caught hold of an old video of the actor, which proves he deserves every bit to be a Barbie star.

In the video, which dates back to 1992, Ryan Gosling, 12, can be seen pulling off some crazy dance moves in the blingiest outfit ever. Moreover, he is surrounded by many girls, making him the only boy on the stage. Interestingly, all the young divas look cute dressed as dolls! Not many know that Gosling’s career began when he was just a teenager. He appeared on the Disney Channel’s The Mickey Mouse Club from 1993 to 1995 and then went on to star in a number of television shows and films.

The video of the 12-year-old Barbie actor was shared by a YouTube page Shaun Swire where a young, energetic, dapper, suave and cute Ryan can be seen dancing like there’s no tomorrow! The video is from a stage show in 1992 where Ryan ruled the stage with 8 other girls! The video has 24 million views. Users reacted to Gosling’s star-like qualities since then.

A user commented, “Ryan Gosling: Getting hordes of women to surround him since 1992.” Another comment read, “He better bring this energy as Ken in the Barbie Movie.” A third user wrote, “I wonder what it would take to convince him to recreate this video at his current age, with the clothes, outfit, and dance moves all the same.”

Someone called out for an alternative career and wrote, “This guy would have killed it in Bollywood.” Another comment read, “He literally is the star in the show and dances better than all those other girls.” While a user pointed out how the actor had his way with girls then as well and wrote, “Even back then …this guy was a player.”

A user sweetly pointed out how “Ryan Gosling just proves that he’s been the man all along, even before puberty.” And, of course, there was a talk about the smirk when a comment read, “Even at that tender young age, Ryan has already perfected the Gosling smirk!” Another user wrote, “The fact that this fits perfectly with the Barbie song says something!”

The announcement that Ryan Gosling would be playing Ken in the upcoming Barbie movie was met with fans’ excitement. His good looks and the reason that he perfectly embodies the image of Ken as a handsome, idealized male definitely make him the best choice to play Ken opposite Margot Robbie in Barbie.

While the movie still has to hit the theatres, we leave you with this awww-licious video of Ryan Gosling.

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