Ronn Moss, AKA Ridge Forrester, Once Slammed Hollywood As "Ageist" After The Bold & The Beautiful Exit & Denied Plastic Surgery Rumors
Ronn Moss, AKA Ridge Forrester, Once Slammed Hollywood As “Ageist”(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Ronn Moss, who is best known for starring in one of the longest-running soap operas, The Bold And The Beautiful, was once accused of going under the knife. The plastic surgery rumors got so out of control that the now 72-year-old actor was prompted to deny the allegations.

The TV hunk Ronn Moss is most famous for portraying dashing designer Ridge Forrester for 25 years on The Bold & The Beautiful. Moss exited the show in 2012 after he was asked to take a pay cut for his role. His decision to leave was also spurred by a horrible accident that prevented him from memorizing lines.

Seven years after Moss left The Bold & The Beautiful, Ronn Moss made waves after his appearance appeared to have undergone a slight change in photos, giving him a youthful look. As the speculation intensified, the strikingly handsome actor, who was worshipped by soap fans over his flawless complexion and chiselled bone structure, told The Daily Telegraph that he’s never had plastic surgery.

Ronn said: “Everyone thinks I’ve had a massive amount of plastic surgery; I’ve had none.”

Moss credited his good looks to ‘genetics.’ The age-defying actor added: “I’ve been very blessed that way.”

The soap actor then went on to slam Hollywood as an “ageist” industry, saying it is more focused on an actor’s age than their talent. He said, “They are so concerned with how you look and what age you are, and if you look ten years younger and you go, ‘I can play younger,’ they say, ‘We’re looking for someone a little younger.’

This is not the first time The Bold & The Beautiful star has been accused of surgically altering his good looks. In 2002, Ronn Moss denied having plastic surgery when The Sydney Morning Herald asked him if his cheekbones were natural.

At the time, the interviewer Catherine Keenan wrote, “The question everyone wants to ask: are the cheekbones real? Surely he must have had plastic surgery?

Moss responded, “I had a credit card cut up once,” he quips, “but that’s it. I don’t say any more. People don’t believe me.”

When a dubious Keenan mused, “Perhaps he has sold his soul to the devil, like some latter-day Dorian Gray, Moss quipped perhaps he is the devil.

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