Robert Pattinson Was NERVOUS After The Twilight Got Over, FIND OUT Why!
Robert Pattinson Was NERVOUS After The Twilight Got Over, FIND OUT Why! (Pic credit – Getty Images / Robert Pattinson )

Who doesn’t know Robert Pattinson? This Hollywood hottie’s career certainly did not start with the Twilight movies, but playing the role of 17-year-old vampire Edward Cullen is certainly what made him a famous actor.

Robert had no idea while signing the film that it would go on to become such a big hit. But, did you know that the actor wanted to learn acting before stepping in any other blockbuster? But fate had other plans for him.



According to reports, once it became clear that Twilight wasn’t just any other small film, Robert Pattinson had to reassess how to navigate his career. After the fame, he earned from the Twilight franchise he was asked to participate in more projects than ever.

Robert Pattinson wisely chose to work on other projects between the Twilight films to diversify his resume and explore new characters. But even though he had become a wanted actor when the last Twilight movie came out, he was still nervous about the franchise ending.

In an interview with NPR, the Remember Me star shared that when Twilight ended he felt nervous because he no longer had the security of another movie if he chose to make a film that was not very successful. “I felt a little nervous when it was over because I had basically made a movie between each of the Twilight movies, and I had just worked consistently for six or seven years or so,” shared Robert.

Robert Pattinson further added, “And then when it stopped, I felt a little more nervous to do, to do more experimental things because I didn’t have the safety net of doing another sequel, which would basically put everything on hiatus afterwards.”

But despite his nerves, Robert was drawn to one of his early post-Twilight projects, Cosmopolis, and knew it was the next thing he could do. According to the actor, it was so different that he knew he had to be a part of it. “At the time, I was offered this movie with David Cronenberg, Cosmopolis, I still absolutely like that movie, and I thought he felt so against everything that was coming out.”

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