Robert Downey Jr Once Opened Up About The Dangers Of Filming Iron Man & Compared it With Being On A Minefield
Robert Downey Jr Once Opened Up About The Dangers Of Filming Iron Man (Picture Credit: IMDb)

Like any other superhero film or action movie, Robert Downey Jr had several stunts while doing the Marvel movies as Iron Man. There is a lot of CGI in such movies, but sometimes filmmakers like to use real explosions. For example, Christopher Nolan did not use any VFX to create the atomic bomb explosion in Oppenheimer. Similarly, some of the explosions in RDJ’s first MCU movie, Iron Man, were not all fake, and they scared the hell out of Downey.

The actor once recalled his experience filming the 2008 movie and compared it to walking on a minefield. Jon Favreau directed it. Actor Jeff Bridges was the main villain, Iron Monger in it. It has one of the iconic scenes of the MCU, the cave explosion scene where Tony walks out of his kidnapper’s den in the first Iron Man costume, and there’s a blast behind, and he just keeps walking in full swag.

It will remain epic for comic book movie lovers. There were several scenes in the franchise where blasts happened, like in Iron Man 3, where his house blew up, and more. In Iron Man, there was another notable explosion scene when he explained his weapons to his client in the middle of nowhere. Downey got hurt while doing either the first explosion scene or the cave one in the 2008 movie. Downey got hurt, and he opened up about the dangerous shooting situations while speaking to YouTube star Chuck the Movie Guy in 2008, per Showbiz Cheatsheet.

Robert Downey Jr said, “You want to know why I was running my a** off? They had like, you know, 30-gallon drums of kerosene, and plant bombs and all. That entire day, I felt like I was in a minefield.” The Avengers star added that director Jon Favreau had already warned him that the blasts won’t be fake. He recalled Jon telling him, “I’m not gonna do anything fake in back of you.” Their hard work and endurance were worth everything, as the movie earned $585.79 million at the worldwide box office. It also changed RDJ’s life and gave the fans the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Jon Favreau not only directed Iron Man, but he is also an essential part of the MCU. He is seen as Happy Hogan, one of the close confidantes of Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, besides Pepper Potts and Rhodey.

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