Daniel Craig, daughter are 'bonding' over 'Star Wars,' says wife Rachel Weisz
Daniel Craig, daughter are ‘bonding’ over ‘Star Wars,’ says wife Rachel Weisz ( Photo Credit – IANS )

Actress Rachel Weisz’s husband Daniel Craig and their four-year-old daughter Grace are big ‘Star Wars’ fans.

While promoting her new series Dead Ringers, the actress, 53, shared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Friday that her 4-year-old daughter got a little too “obsessed” with the popular sci-fi movie series after watching it with her father.

“It was like a father-daughter bonding experience, and they started on the original ones,” Rachel Weisz told host Stephen Colbert, as per People.com.

“I’m not that deep into it, but my daughter got obsessed. She kept saying, ‘Google this. Google this: What does Darth Vader look like under his mask?'” Rachel Weisz said.

“She wants to know everything,” she added. “She’s obsessed with the mythology and these characters are so real for her.”

Weisz said Grace’s fascination with the movies was getting a little “too intense,” so her father stepped in to tell her that Star Wars “is broken.”

“We were in London when this happened,” Weisz said.

“(Grace) said, ‘Dad says Star Wars is broken.’ So they can’t watch it anymore. And we just got to New York and she said, ‘Is Star Wars broken in New York too?'”

“And so I said, ‘Yeah, yeah it’s broken,” Rachel Weisz joked.

The actress said that so far, Grace had seen the first three original films in the Star Wars trilogy, and Craig has shown her some clips from the later movies.

Colbert then turned to question Weisz about the film series, as she didn’t know the first movie was originally called Star Wars and couldn’t recall whether she watched the series or not.

“How many Star Wars movies have there been?” Colbert asked, to which she incorrectly responded, “12.”

Colbert teased that this is the “part of the movie where we find out [Weisz is] the alien,” before asking her a few more pop questions about the movie.

“What is the thing they’re trying to destroy in the movie?,” he asked, warning the audience “don’t tell her.”

Darth Vader?” Rachel Weisz also mistakenly answered.

She finally got an answer right when he asked her what the “spiritual thing” they use is called, and she answered with “the Force,” to which Colbert responded, “Thank you! On to the next round!”

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