Royal Expert Robert Jobson Blames Prince Harry For Not Explaining The Royal Life To Meghan Markle Properly
Royal Expert Robert Jobson Has This To Say About The Megxit Disaster (Photo Credit: Instagram)

In January 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their decision to step back as senior members of the British royal family and move across the Atlantic Ocean to America. Since then, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been in the news for the split and their financial independence. Early this year, their explosive interview also grabbed headlines and stayed a topic of discussion for a good many days.


Now Prince Philip’s Century author and royal expert Robert Jobson opened up about the Megxit disaster. He believes the whole fiasco with Meghan Markle is mostly Prince Harry’s fault, but he didn’t absolve the Duchess either. Read on to know what he said.


Talking about the Meghan Markle-Prince Harry fiasco, Robert Jobson told Page Six, “It’s a combination of Harry and Meghan’s fault, mainly Harry for not explaining it to her properly. He’s not the sharpest guy, but maybe he didn’t want to explain it. It’s hard work being a member of the royal family.” He continued, “People think it’s not but it is. It’s not glamourous and maybe she didn’t fancy that after at all.”

But this royal expert didn’t absolve Meghan Markle from any blame for the couple’s failure to make it in the royal household. He said, “It’s up to you to do your own homework if you want to marry into a prestigious family.” He also added that the Palace had assigned Samantha Cohen, a member of the Queen’s personal team, to help Meghan understand the ins and outs of being a duchess, so she had no excuse for not knowing how things worked.

Robert Jobson didn’t stop there. The royal expert stated that if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has understood their place in the royal household, they wouldn’t have looked to finding fortune on their own in Hollywood.

He said, “When she saw that she had the little house (Frogmore Cottage) and William and Kate were the number one couple she probably didn’t understand that and thought, ‘Well we can do better than this and start commercializing the royal family,’ well frankly that’s not acceptable.”

Jobson also noted that the royal family is centred on “service and helping others. It’s not to do with helping yourself. I’m afraid that’s what’s happened here. I blame Harry really because he knew the story but he wanted his cake and to eat it and you can’t do that.”

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  1. Meghan knows how to work a crowd and smile to the cameras. She has a degree in PoliSci and Theater, so she should have some idea of cultural differences if not actual background and know how important it is to understand and respect her new country as a royal. Expecting “the firm” to wave a magic wand on media she allegedly didn’t pay attention to and not expect consequences if they didn’t follow their employers rules, quit their jobs in protest is juvenile at best. All that aside, trashing one’s own family and her in laws is not only in bad taste, it is despicable. You can’t have a new, old friend. A few meetings or presents (apparently her measure of a close relationship) does not make a relationship deep or meaningful….which begs the question…why doesn’t Meghan have the support of old friends and family, only people who are higher up the social scale who she met or worked with more recently? I agree with her assessment of the situation, and hope she has found a good counselor for herself and Harry in the US.


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