Cillian Murphy Once Shared His Story Of Turning Into A Nonvegetarian After Eating 'Bambi'
When Cillian Murphy Shared The Reason Behind Ditching His Vegetarian Diet ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Cillian Murphy is among the most talented actors of the present generation. He showed his dedication to his craft when he ate an almond or a slice of apple for most nights while filming Oppenheimer. The actor, who is currently reaping the success of his sci-fi drama, was a vegetarian for over a decade. But this particular meat made him quit vegetarianism the moment he took its bite.

For the unversed, Cillian adopted this lifestyle after he was hit with the fear of getting mad cow disease. As per reports, in the 1980s, the disease spread among the cattle, which made the Inception actor resort to a veg diet. That affected his career, too, since he was very skinny, and he lost on film roles. Then his hit series Peaky Blinders came his way, and his trainer advised him to consume meat to bulk up.

An old video of Cillian Murphy has been going viral on Instagram and posted by Outstanding Screenplays. In the video, the Oppenheimer star is in one of the episodes of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, where he shares his journey from being a vegetarian to a nonvegetarian. He ditched his twelve years of lifestyle the moment he chose to have the ‘venison.’ For the unversed, the deer meat is known as venison.

The show host, jokingly reacting to it, said, “You ate Bambi. After going without meat for so long, you ate Bambi.” In another interview with the Insider, Murphy spoke of the same and recalled, “When the waiter asked if I’d like the fish or the venison, I hesitated, and he said, ‘Have the venison.’ He was right. It was extraordinary.”

Netizens, as usual, had an amusing reaction to the old video. One of the users defending Cillian Murphy’s choice wrote, “Hey, at least he started back with the best.”

Another said, “Welcome to the dark side, Sith Lord Cillian.”

A third user wrote, “At least he’s happy.”

A fourth user said, “Salman mare toh jail, Cillian mare toh Oppenheimer 😂( honestly at least cillian can act thousand times better than nepotism Khan).”

Followed by, “Well, that explains a lot of his moody face for pictures, always hungry,” “yeah, no shit, he felt amazing after, lol, he was killing himself for 12 years,” and “he had a good reason tho, I would too if I was in his place.”

Check out the video here:

On the work front, Cillian Murphy was last seen in Oppenheimer and gave one of the best performances of his career. The film got re-released in IMAX and is enjoying its re-run.

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