Noah Cyrus Continues Receiving Criticism After Posting An Apology Over Using A Racially Insensitive Term While Defending Harry Styles
Noah Cyrus Apologises For Using Racially Insensitive Term While Defending Harry Styles

Last month, Harry Styles made history and headlines by becoming the first-ever male to feature solo on the cover of Vogue – that too in a white lace gown. Many came out in support of Harry after Conservative commentator, Candace Owens criticised it and called for the return of ‘manly men.’ These defenders included Miley Cyrus’ younger sister Noah Cyrus.


While defending Styles, Noah shared a photo of the singer from the shoot and wrote on it, “He wears this dress better than any of u nappy a** heauxz.” This earned the singer severe backlist as the term ‘nappy’ is a racially insensitive term to describe Black hair texture & she had now apologised. The term dates back to the 17th Century when slaves first arrived in the Americas.

Candace Owens caught Noah Cyrus’ offensive comment and slammed her on Twitter. She wrote “Any one of woke liberals care to explain to me how @noahcyrus] calling me a ‘nappy ass hoe’ is not racist? I’m all ears,” she wrote. “You guys love cancel culture. @mileycyrus come get your sister!”


On Thursday, Noah Cyrus took to her Instagram Story and posted a brief apology. The singer claims she did not understand the term’s meaning. She wrote, “I am mortified that I used a term without knowing the context and history, but I know now and I am horrified and truly sorry. I will never use it again. Thank you for educating me. I in no way meant to offend anyone. I am so sorry.”

A fan took a screengrab of Noah Cyrus’ apology and posted it on Twitter. The fan tweeted, “Omg guys she apologised look i guess we can forgive her. Right !? Expressionless face #noahcyrus”

While this user may be thinking of forgiving Noah for her comment, quite a few on the microblogging site are still not happy with her. A Twitter user commented on her apology saying, “Is a prime example of white kids using words to try and sound cool. I don’t believe she didn’t know the meaning though.” While another tweeted, “White women age too fast and be too grown to be using words they supposedly don’t know the meaning of lmao. But who is honestly surprised by the Cyrus sisters miley deadass approiated hip hop and black culture then dissed it.#BlackTwitter #NoahCyrus”

What do you think of Noah Cyrus’ remake?

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