Mohamed Diab On Representing Egypt For Global Audience With 'Moon Knight'
Mohamed Diab On Representing Egypt For Global Audience With ‘Moon Knight’ (Pic Credit: Wikipedia, Poster)

Mohamed Diab, one of the directors of the recently released miniseries, ‘Moon Knight’, believes that the show was created keeping in mind the importance of cultural authenticity.


The show gave Mohamed Diab a lot of room for character development.


Expressing his excitement about working on his first Marvel Studios project, Mohamed Diab said, “What got me excited about this opportunity is that this is a Super Hero that we haven’t seen before, someone who’s struggling with himself. His inner conflict is actually visual. You can see his internal struggle. It’s a great room for character development.”

Focused on portraying the verisimilitude of the worlds presented in ‘Moon Knight’, Mohamed Diab said, “It’s great to be able to present Egypt’s ancient heritage and modern culture in a fresh and authentic way because most of the time Egypt has not been depicted as it truly is. But so far from the comics and from the way Marvel Studios is handling things, I can say that they are going the extra mile to be as authentic as possible.”

For him, “It was also like being in the chocolate factory or getting to play with the big toys.” But his focus remained on the story.

Starring Oscar Isaac as the lead, the series, which also features Ethan Hawke and May Calamawy, is available to stream on Disney+ Hotstar in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.

Previous, Oscar Isaac, who is getting a positive response for his Marvel miniseries ‘Moon Knight’, spoke about playing two different character in the series – Steven Grant, a guy suffering from dissociative identity disorder, and his alter ego, Marc Spector, who is a mercenary.

Separating Steven from Marc Spector, Oscar said, “Steven is utterly sincere, and he says what he sees. It’s often really funny but it’s not funny to him because he doesn’t know he’s being funny. There’s a real social awkwardness to him. He doesn’t have the social skills his alter Mark has. Steven is non-violent, he doesn’t eat meat, and he cares about people and wants to connect.”

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