Money Heist Trivia: Álvaro Morte Was NOT The Original Choice To Play Professor!
Money Heist Trivia: Álvaro Morte Was NOT The Original Choice To Play Professor!

No matter how deeply we are in love with a particular show, there is always some information that we are not aware of. Money Heist, also known as La Casa de Papel, is one of the most loved shows in the world. The Spanish heist thriller is all set to give its fifth and final season to the audience. When it comes to characters, Álvaro Morte’s Professor is most loved in the show.

Álvaro Morte’s Professor aka Sergio Marquina is the life and soul of the show. If it weren’t for him, there would be no gang members and no heists. Talking about Morte, the actor gained a massive fan following post his appearance in LCDP. Fans can’t imagine anyone else playing the character.

But what if we tell you that Álvaro Morte wasn’t the original choice to play the Professor? What if we told you that the role was offered to another actor who was going to say yes but couldn’t do it due to prior commitments. Yes, you read it right! Our beloved Sergio was Money Heist was first going to have the face of actor Javier Gutiérrez.

The makers of La Casa de Papel wanted a 50-year-old Harvard type personality to play the character. Hence, they had Javier Gutiérrez in mind. But the actor couldn’t commit due to a film that was in the pipeline. The role then went to Álvaro Morte, who was 40 at that time.

Wondering how he bagged the role? At that time, Álvaro was a part of the show which had the casting directors of Money Heist. But the actor had to give an audition to bag the part. He had to bag the role against actors like Raymond Reddington and Michael Scofield. Well, one can safely say that Morte plays the part to perfection.

Meanwhile, all eyes are now on Money Heist Season 5. It will be the fifth and final season and will have new bad guys challenging the Professor and his gang members. The fourth season ended with Najwa Nimri’s Alica Sierra finding the whereabouts of Sergio and was holding him on the gun points. A lot of fans believe that she will take his side and help him conduct the heist in the Bank of Spain.

The shooting for the final season is currently going on in Spain. The last season is all set to hit Netflix near year.

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