Mission Impossible Trivia: Tom Cruise Shot This 'Knife In The Eye' Scene With Real Knife & It Was His Idea
Mission Impossible Trivia: Tom Cruise Shot This ‘Knife In The Eye’ Scene With Real Knife & It Was His Idea

Mission Impossible is a synonym of Tom Cruise. If the franchise has helped Tom in being a huge star, he has also contributed immensely in making the franchise popular. His real-life daredevil stunts in the Mission Impossible series have forever been a talk of the town and it’s always thrilling to watch them on screen.

Today, we will talk about one such instance from the Mission Impossible sets that will leave your eyes wide opened.

So it’s a known fact that Tom Cruise is an extremely dedicated actor when it comes to performing action stunts. For his Mission Impossible films, he has performed some of the deadliest stunts on his own. But what many of you won’t be knowing is how Tom Cruise insisted the makers of Mission: Impossible II for using a real knife in the scene. In fact, he suggested the makers to make the scene more deadly by adding that ‘knife in the eye’ moment.

According to factfiend.com, Tom Cruise felt that the scene could be a little more dramatic if the attacker tries to shove the knife in Ethan Hunt’s eyes. Well, his suggestion was taken and the scene turned out to be iconic. Of course, no CGI was used to shoot the scene because that’s not how Tom Cruise wanted it to be shot. He wanted to give some real chills to the audience even if it meant putting his own eyes in serious danger.

To shoot the scene, they stuck a knife to a steel cable and then filmed a stuntman while he tried to stab Ethan Hunt with it. Interestingly, to avoid danger Tom Cruise measured how far the knife could reach and accordingly adjusted his eyeball. That gives me goosebumps while writing it.

Also, it’s fascinating to know how Tom Cruise kept his eyes open when the knife was so close to his eyeballs. I wonder how much control he would’ve on his reflex actions.

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