Mission: Impossible 7: Tom Cruise Is Furious With Oppenheimer
Is Tom Cruise ‘Pissed’ With Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer Over Mission: Impossible 7 Release? (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Tom Cruise starrer Mission Impossible movies have shocked audiences as they wonder how much action the 60-year-old actor gave give to the audiences. As the seventh movie of the franchise is about the hit the theatres, it is getting tough competition with Christopher Nolan’s upcoming masterpiece, Oppenheimer. Read on to find out what actually is the matter between the two highly anticipated movies.

Ahead of the release of both films, the fans are excited to see what they will see in the theatres. Additionally, this time the fight is about the theatres. Cruise is reportedly infuriated as his Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One might get the maximum number of IMAX screens as Oppenheimer has been booked with the same screen for the first three weeks.

Puck News reports that the star producer of Mission: Impossible—Dead Reckoning Part One is pretty frustrated these days. Tom Cruise’s upcoming movie is scheduled to release on 12 July and has booked most of the IMAX screens for the week of the film’s opening day. On the other hand, on July 21 comes Universal’s Oppenheimer, which has locked in all the IMAX screens in North America and other territories for three full weeks. As Nolan’s upcoming film was filmed entirely with IMAX cameras, it will be the only movie screening in IMAX theatres for three entire weeks.

Leading to all that, Cruise’s MI 7 movie, which cost nearly $300 million, is getting bumped. Apparently, the actor has been complaining loudly to Paramount executives and others about the IMAX situation. However, it seems like the actor who “saved theatres,” as Steven Speilberg quoted, might have a hard time with his own upcoming movie.

Tom Cruise has been in touch with the producers to get the best out of the situation, as he is calling around to studio and theatre executives for his next movie. However, the competition had to be there as the Oppenheimer filmmaker has had a long-standing relationship with IMAX.

He’s also been calling around to studio and theatre executives, trying to open up as many premium large format screens as possible for Dead Reckoning. Let us know what do you think about Tom Cruise’s upcoming Mission: Impossible—Dead Reckoning Part One and Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer coming face to face.

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