Miley Cyrus Says Dolly Parton Faxed Her To Collab For Christman Album A Holly Dolly Christmas
Miley Cyrus Says Dolly Parton Faxed Her To Collab For Christman Album A Holly Dolly Christmas (Pic credit – Dolly Parton/ Instagram; Getty Images )

Miley Cyrus in the first look from her appearance on The Graham Norton Show made some revelations about her godmother, Dolly Parton and dad, Billy Ray Cyrus that are sure to make you chuckle. Don’t believe us? Well, read on to know to have a laugh yourself!

For those who do not know, Cyrus joined her godmother, Parton, for her Christman album titles’ A Holly Dolly Christmas’. They collaborated for a track titled ‘Christmas Is.’ In her conversation with the talk show host, Miley revealed how it happened.

As per an article in PEOPLE, that talks about Miley Cyrus’ appearance on The Graham Norton Show, she reveals that her godmother Dolly Parton sent her a fax asking to collaborate on the holiday album. Asking about it, the show’s host Norton questions, “So Dolly Parton, she called you?”

To this, Miley Cyrus replied, “She faxed me.” The 27-year-old singer added that she doesn’t even own a fax machine. She continued, “She gets upset when you don’t respond. And it’s like, I’m sorry, I don’t even know. Half the people watching your show might not even know what a fax machine is.”

Miley Cyrus even tells Norton that her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, owns an old machine to accept faxes. She added that he still owns two Blackberry phones from 2005. She said, “He says two Blackberries equal an iPhone, which is not true. But he’s also one of those.”

Talking about her godmother, Parton, Miley said, “Dolly reached out about doing a Christmas record with her and only for Dolly Parton do you sing a Christmas carol in July. She continued, “But she makes physical records, and so she had to get it turned in. I was singing about Christmas in the middle of L.A. summer, and only for Dolly.”

As for Dolly Parton, the holiday season is gonna be a very busy time. Last month, he senior singer announced a collection with Williams Sonoma inspired by her Christmas tradition. She even revealed the news of a Netflix musical called Christmas on the Square.

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