Mila Kunis Once Lied To Get The Role Of Jackie Burkhart In That 70s Show?
When Mila Kunis Lied To Bag The Role Of Jackie Burkhart In That 70s Show?(Photo Credit – Getty Images)

It can be tough to land an acting role in Hollywood, especially for a newcomer who is starting out on their own. Mila Kunis, who is an established star in the Industry, told a fairly significant lie to get the role of Jackie in That 70s Show. Scroll down to know more.

That 70s Show was one of the great television comedies of the early 2000s. The show revolved around a group of teenage friends, their mishaps, and their coming of age, set in 1970s Wisconsin. In the show, Kunis played Jackie Burkhart, a spoiled rich girl, who became mature as the show progressed. She is one of the two girls in the friend group.



When Mila Kunis was offered the role of Jackie Burkhart, a policy stated that the actors had to be 18. But Mila wasn’t 18 at that time. During Jay Leno’s show, the actress revealed that she was actually 14 and had lied about how old she really was to be sure she got the role.

As reported by Screen Rant, the Black Swan actress said to Leno, “I told them I was a little bit older… I told them I was gonna be 18, which is not technically a lie, cause at one point… I was gonna be 18.” However, the show’s producer later found out about the truth and they felt that Kunis was still right for the part.

Sneaky, isn’t it?

Following her stint in the comedy show That 70s Show, Mila Kunis’s career took off and has since starred in multiple comedies and drama movies. She is currently married to her co-star of the show Ashton Kutcher has two kids together. Even though they were on the show for nearly eight seasons, they didn’t start dating until 2012.

So what do you think about Mila Kunis’ smart move to get a role in the popular sitcom? Let us know in the comments.

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