Shawn Mendes Reveals Raising Voice At Camila Cabello During A Fight
Here’s How Shawn Mendes Reacted When He Raised His Voice At Camila Cabello (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are one of the cutest couples on the block. The couple was head over heels in love with each other and were on the verge of taking a plunge in their relationship. But then, is there any relationship that is complete without a fight? Even these two had a fight, and Mendes opened up about the time when he raised his voice on his lady love.


Shawn opened up about a fight he had with Camila in a new interview. We are sure all you guys must be wanting to see that side of the couple too. So keep scrolling further to know more about their fight in detail.


Shawn Mendes candidly spoke about the time when he raised his voice at Camila Cabello when he recently appeared on the Man Enough podcast. Mendes revealed that this incident sparked fear in him which he did not know existed. He was upset and scared to be bad.

Giving details about that fight, Shawn Mendes revealed, “I raised my voice at her, and she was like, ‘I don’t like it when you raise your voice. Why did you raise your voice?’ And I got so defensive. I was like, ‘I wasn’t raising my voice at you!’ And I did raise my voice at her.” It was then that Shawn “felt her shrink” and he felt himself grow. “And I was like, ‘Oh god, this is the worst.’ I’m so terrified of being evil. I’m so scared to be bad.”

Shawn revealed that this fear gave rise to a “massive conversation” between them and he realised that there exists a bad inside him which he just has to accept and make peace with it.

Well, the good part is that Shawn Mendes did not waste much time in the fight and apologized to Camila Cabello after she confronted him. “I made it about my evil and my fear, and she comforted me,” he said. “And then it took me like 20 minutes of us separately reading our books to be able to come back to her and be like, ‘God, that was a whole thing and I’m really sorry.'”

Well, a fight is a very common thing in a relationship, and we are glad that these two handled it so maturely. But aren’t Shawn and Camila the cutest? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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