Max Ehrich Is Here With A Single About His First Meet With Ex Demi Lovato
Max Ehrich To Release A Single About His First Meet With Ex Demi Lovato? (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

It’s always wonderful to hear news of celebrities finding love, getting engaged and walking down the aisle. In July 2020, Max Ehrich and Demi Lovato announced to the world that they were engaged after dating each other for a couple of months and were planning to get married soon. However, two months later the duo called off their engagement.


We all know a broken heart is what helps artistes pen their feeling into memorable songs and looks like both, Max and Demi have done so.


Sources close to Max Ehrich tell TMZ that the singer is all set to release a new single on Friday. This track talks about his relationship with Demi Lovato. The report on the portal also states that the song is about the night he met Demi and tells the story of him being terrified of falling in love with her because he knew their relationship was special – the real deal.

The report claims, “Max’s song touches on him falling for Demi right off the bat, and he sings about how he couldn’t sleep because he knew he wanted to be with her forever.”

The report further states that Max Ehrich recorded the song during quarantine in a makeshift studio at the house he shared with Demi Lovato. If they spent the quarantine – at least most parts of it – together, we wonder exactly when was this track written and recorded.

Just recently, Demi Lovato too surprised her fans with an emotional ballet. Titled, Still Have Me, the track supposedly discussing her pain. The lyrics of the track go as “I’m a mess and I’m still broken … I don’t have much but at least I still have me … and that’s all I need. All the highs and now just lows.”

While the ex-fiancés are penning their sadness in songs, not everything is rainbows and sunshine yet. As per reports, Demi Lovato has sought legal advice as Max Ehrich continues not to leave her alone. Since ending their two-month engagement, Max has allegedly been attempting to contact Demi’s friends and family. Her close ones have reportedly blocked the actor following the bitter split.

Post their split; Max was even spotted crying on the same beach where he proposed to Demi. He claimed that Demi used their separation as a publicity stunt. He has even been public about his version of their split, alleging he learned of it from the tabloids.

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