Marilyn Monroe Made Her Own Rules: 10 Times When The Blonde Bombshell Scripted History
Marilyn Monroe Made Her Own Rules: 10 Times When The Blonde Bombshell Scripted History ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Marilyn Monroe was among the most legendary actresses that the world has ever seen. The actress, also the s*x symbol of the industry in the 1950s and early 1960s, was known for her bold and stereotype-breaking personality. She was involved in the era’s s*xual revolution and an emblem of the same.

Throughout her life, Marilyn did not go by rules and rather made her own. Her journey has inspired actresses for generations.

Here are some achievements of Marilyn Monroe and how she scripted scripted history:

1. Monroe Sang In A N*de Illusion Dress Before A Massive Crowd

‘Blonde Bombshell’ Marilyn Monroe once appeared in a stunning n*de illusion dress as she sang happy birthday for former US president John F Kennedy before a large crowd. Yes, it was the same dress that Kim Kardashian wore to Met Gala 2022.

2. Marilyn Monroe Sang To Over 100,000 Soldiers & marines During Korean War

In February 1954, Marilyn Monroe was on a trip to Japan with her then-husband Joe DiMaggio. She then took a detour to Korea and chose to entertain the troops by performing ten shows in the course of four days. Her shows were attended by more than 100,000 soldiers and marines.

3. She Served In World War II

The Some Like It Hot star served in WWII in 1944 as she was working in a Radioplane factory to help with the war efforts. It was the time when she met a photographer from the First Motion Picture Unit and further made a career in showbiz.

4. Marilyn Did Not Abide By The Dressing Rules & Met The Queen In A Low-Cut Dress

After making a name in Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe met Queen Elizabeth in 1956. While the dressing rules did not allow anyone to show up in a low-cut dress, the late actress opted for a s*xy gold gown with a plunging neckline and spaghetti straps. The Queen was not bothered about the rules and rather said that she felt sorry for Monroe as she had eaten her lipstick in nervousness ahead of meeting her.

5. She Inspired Women To Wear Jeans

While a pair of jeans was known to be a comfort apparel for men, Marilyn Monroe inspired women to opt for them as casual wear. While she was not the first actress to wear jeans, she certainly was among those who brought it into women’s fashion.

6. Marilyn Monroe Was The Second Woman In History To Own A Production Company

The Gentlemen Prefer Blondes star was only the second woman in history who opened up her own production company after Mary Pickford. In 1954, Monroe and photographer Milton Greene founded their own production company, Marilyn Monroe Production.

7. She Became The First Movie Star To Do Comedy & Drama

After doing several comedies, including Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, How to Marry a Millionaire, and The Seven Year Itch, Monroe studied at the Actors Studio and nailed her dramatic performance in Bus Stop.

8. Monroe Was One Of The First Inspirations For Barbie

While the Mattel doll Barbie has taken inspiration from many actresses throughout the decades, Marilyn Monrow was among the very first celebrities that the company captured the essence of in their dolls. The Marilyn Monroe Barbie was released in 1997.

9. Monroe Was The First Female Grand Marshall In The Miss America Pageant

In 1952, Monroe participated in the Miss America beauty pageant as Grand Marshall. She was the first female to fulfill the role. Her presence was arranged as a part of the Twentieth Century Fox’s publicity stunt for Monkey Business.

10. She Spoke About Mental Health

While mental health was not widely discussed in the 50s, Marilyn Monroe did not shy away from talking about her struggles. She spoke up about them in various incidents.

While Marilyn Monroe was the most legendary blonde in history, her life came to an end very early. She was only 36 when she was found dead in her bed in 1962. She reportedly died from an overdose of sleeping pills in her LA home, and her death was ruled as a “probable suicide.”

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