Margot Robbie Revealed She Worked At Subway, Grocery Store To Become An Actor
Margot Robbie Once Shared Story Of How She Struggled & Worked At Subway(Photo Credit –kateyoung/Instagram)

Margot Robbie is one of Hollywood’s finest actors who has proven their mettle from time to time. With every appearance, the actress has achieved success and proved that acting was the right career move for her. However, in her initial days, things were not as easy as they are now. Her parents wanted her to become a lawyer and believed that might be the best-suited career different from acting.

Later, Margot had to continue to pursue her education in law as she was preparing to become an attorney. However, she did not find passion in the field she was going, so she decided to drop out and work for ‘subway’ as she pursued the ultimate goal of becoming an actor. Read on ahead as she explains her struggles!

Before getting her first big break in Hollywood, Margot Robbie had many side gigs, which included making sandwiches for Subway and babysitting. During a conversation with Blush magazine, she shared her experience. “The ultimate goal of my journey was to unpack my bags in Hollywood and stay there. But to do that, you had to earn a living. I worked in a surf shop for two years. I then worked as a babysitter and making sandwiches for Subway. What else? Oh yes, I worked in a grocery shop, then a pharmacy. Then I was a waitress and a cleaner,” said the actress

Later, Margot Robbie talked about how getting formal training to become an actress was very important for her. She added about how she had to get rid of her Australian accent, “But don’t think that I came to the United States without any artistic training. I learnt the business from coaches for two years. I had to get rid of my Australian accent, Crocodile Dundee-style. In short, there was a lot going on! (laughs)”

While faith had other plans, Margot Robbie achieved what she wanted in her life, and her story inspires everyone. She got her first breakout role in the Australian soap opera Neighbours, where she played a bisexual teenager named Donna in the series from 2008 to 2011. Rest, her role as Harley Quinn is still evident in the audience’s hearts as she nailed the role with her epic performance.

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