When Lady Gaga Revealed She Pees In Dressing Room Trash Cans Saying If I Don’t Then “I’d Be Latey Gaga”
Lady Gaga Pees In Dressing Room Trash Cans! Says, “Me & My Dustbin Have A Very Important Relationship”(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Lady Gaga is known for many things, and fashion, music & controversies are just a few. Born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, the singer-actress has made the headline several times owing to her unconventional fashion sense like the meat dress, extremely high heels (that had her bodyguard carrying her around), among others.

In such elaborate ensembles, how does she make use of the restroom when needed? If this question ever came to mind, we have your answer. Gaga uses trash cans. And NO, we aren’t making this up; the singer admitted to doing it over a decade ago in an interview. Read on to know about it.



While interacting with Alan Carr during the filming of Chatty Man in March 2012, Lady Gaga opened up about how she answers nature’s call and takes a leak while either dressed in ensembles that take hours to put on and remove or when she has an appearance she can’t be late to. Spilling the beans, the ‘Bad Roman’ singer – as reported by Mirror, admitted to using the bins in dressing rooms. She said, “I do quite often pee in the dressing room, in the trash can.”

Recalling using the dustbin just moments before revealing her secret, Lady Gaga continued, “It would have been an interesting photo today because I had a big pink bow on, and I was over the trash can…” At this point, Gaga demonstrates her balancing act before adding, “The bathroom is down the hall.” She continued, “And I was naked. It was just me, my bow and my nakedness. Me and my dustbin have a very important relationship.”

Noting that it takes quite some time for her to get in and get out of her elaborate ensembles, Gaga revealed proper loo breaks would forever make her late. She joked, “Then I’d be Latey Gaga.”.

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