Kim Kardashian Gets Trolled After Sharing An Old Text Of Her Grandmother Hoping Her Grand Kids Will Fight Climate Change
Kim Kardashian Gets Trolled After Sharing An Old Text Of Her Grandmother Hoping Her Grand Kids Will Fight Climate Change ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Kim Kardashian and her clan have often been slammed on the Internet for flying in private jets and emitting CO2 emissions and still talking about fighting climate change in their own ways. The social media star once again got mocked for the same after she posted an old text of her grandmother on the Internet where she hoped that her grandkids will fight for climate change. Social media users then brutally trolled Kim. Read on to know what they really said.

Kim Kardashian was recently in the news when she got her son Saint to attend Lionel Messi’s first match with his new club Inter Miami CF. Kim also made headlines after it was reported that she might soon meet her ex-rapper husband Kanye West, and his new wife, Bianca Censori, but in a controlled environment.

Circling back to Kim Kardashian getting slammed, a Reddit post shared a screenshot of Kim’s Instagram story where she posted an old text of her grandmother. The message read, “Praying my 10 grand babies can help fix this poor planet in time and find solutions to climate change and pollution to stop the destruction of this gorgeous earth and have a high purpose for this important moment in time.” Kim captioned the post as, “Before I go to bed just wanted to share an old text from my grandma to show how cute she is.” Kim then soon got slammed by the Reddit users while also reminding how her sister Kylie Jenner too got mocked for flying in private jets.

Take a look:

Kim Kardashian’s Grandma hopes her 10 great-grandchildren stop climate change
by u/HiddnVallyofthedolls in popculturechat

One user shared, “They take private planes everywhere.” Another posted, “Celebrities over here taking private planes everywhere all the time while I’m trying my damndest to drink an iced latte out of a disintegrating straw.” The next one said, “A huge portion of the people online championing climate change happen to be upper middle class to straight upper-class first worlders who live luxurious lifestyles and send out these tweets without a sense of irony or self-awareness.”

An individual shared, “Oh grandma, wait until you hear how much Kylie flies in her jet like it’s a taxi.” One said, “And after Kylie started trending because of all her private flights, Kim started taking more short flights also because she wanted to get named and shamed along with all the other vapid billionaires.”

One person said, “How can she post something like that when she gets about on a private jet. She truly does not care”, as another chimed in, “She probably posted it from her jet.” A user suggested, “She should be dating DiCaprio.” And one concluded, “The amount of waste this woman alone produces must be insane if you think about it.”

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