Kanye West & Bianca Censori Get Chided By Random Guy In LA
Kanye West & Bianca Censori Pestered By Random Guy Out Of The Blue (Picture Credit: Koimoi)

Kanye West might have angered many with his antics, but people are rebuking him face-to-face instead of slamming him online. Recently, Kanye was out with his wife, Bianca Censori, when he got reprimanded by a random guy in the parking lot. A few days back, a source reported that Bianca is done being Ye’s muse and will allegedly no longer follow his orders, and now this! It seems the stars are not happy with the Donda rapper.

The insider revealed that Bianca had taken control of her life, and Ye had to change himself after his wife’s outburst. It was a significant turning point in their life. The rapper had to loosen his leash, or he would have lost Bianca, and he knew that no one would support him the way the Yeezy designer does. He also made headlines for his new set of titanium grills worth $850K. Ye’s dentures were inspired by the look of James Bond villain Jaws. Keep scrolling for more.

On Sunday, Kanye West and Bianca Censori were on Melrose Place, and as they were going towards their car, a Range Rover, a random guy started ranting at them. As reported by TMZ, the bystander kept shouting repeatedly, “You ain’t sh*t, boy!” He told the couple that they were in his territory and talked about Lucifer, the devil, and 666, along with flashing several hand signs.

Meanwhile, Kanye West kept his cool and let the man vent out at him. After getting inside the car safely with Bianca Censori, he stayed and kept listening to the man. Kanye is known for his outbursts, but in this situation, he let the man blow off steam without hogging the limelight.

Bianca Censori sported a cheeky white racerback top with WET written over it. She paired the tight-fitting top with black shorts and black pumps. On the other hand, Kanye West was sporting his signature all-black ensemble. After watching the video clip on social media, X, people have poured in their opinions.

One person wrote, “Why did he not drive away?”

Another said, “Peeps is tired of the Con-ye….”

One commenting on Bianca‘s clothes wrote, “I’m happy she was somewhat clothed.”

Another said, “Damn all caps loud that must have hurt their ears lol.”

One of them pointed out how Bianca weirdly went around the car and returned to get in while Kanye West got inside the car before her and wrote, “What the hell vianca doin she making sure her man got in safe ????”

Check out the video shared on YEFANATICS’ page on X:

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