K-Pop Rapper Lee Seung-hoon Owes BLACKPINK’s Lisa $1.52 Million (₩2.00 Billion), Here Why!
K-Pop Rapper Lee Seung-hoon Owes BLACKPINK’s Lisa $1.52 Million (₩2.00 Billion), Pink Venom Singer Once Joked “Oppa, Deposit The Money, Please” ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK and its members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa need no introduction. The girl group – formed by YG Entertainment and debuted in August 2016, are among the most loved musical groups in the world currently, thanks to their music and smooth dance moves. But did you know the Thai rapper – born Lalisa Manobal, is owed money by rapper Lee Seung-hoon?

Known as A part of the boy band Winner, the rapper – known by the mononym Hoony recently opened up, still owing Lisa a huge sum of money. Read on to know all about the debt and how it came to be.

As reported by kbizoom, on the May 8 episode of Mnet’s ‘Girl’s Night Out,’ Lee Seung-hoon appears on the show and explain his debt relationship with Lisa. In the episode, singer Jo Hyun-ah, one of the panellists, claimed she knew a secret. Hyun-ah cautiously hesitated and said, “I know Seung-hoon’s secret. Can I say it?” She revealed, “Seung-hoon owes Lisa 2 billion won.” (₩2.00 billion is about $1.52 million).

For those who don’t know, last year, BLACKPINK’s Lisa addressed Lee Seung-hoon owing her money in a live stream, showing just how hilarious their friendship is. During the live, she claimed she asked him for ₩2.00 billion to film a Tik Tok challenge with her, but he still hadn’t paid her. She jokingly added, “Oppa, deposit the money, please!”

Seung-hoon explained the whole incident that led to him owing the singer money, saying, “As you know, BLACKPINK is gaining their status around the world, and whatever price they ask for is what they get.” He added, “Isn’t Blackpink a world star? That’s why they’re valuable.” Hearing this, Jo Hyunah and fellow panellist and comedian Jang Do Yeon jokingly told him to hurry up and sell his watch and belongings to pay Lisa back. Asking him how much longer will Lisa have to wait.

Girl’s Night Out airs every Monday at 9:30 pm.

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