Warner Bros Still Working On Joker 2?
Work On Joker 2 Hasn’t Stopped, Warner Bros On It ? (Photo Credit: IMDb)

It was back in 2019, and an anti-hero took over the big screen and won million hearts with a film. And the actor who played him took home the Oscar for the Best Actor. Yes, we are talking about Joaquin Phoenix and his iconic film Joker. While the first part and Phoenix taking over the Clown Prince Of Crime was a big hit, the wait for a part 2 has been never-ending.

Ever since the film took home the Oscar, there have been speculations that Joker 2 is underway and that Warner Bros is now hell-bent on making it a reality. But the buzz subsided, and there was nothing about the project that made it to the mainstream. Now, if reports are to be believed, the project is still alive and the studio is working on shaping it up. Below is all you need to know about the same.



Before we go further, one must know that both, director Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix have downplayed the possibility of Joker 2, even when Warner Bros who earlier gave them a low budget for part 1, is keen on making a sequel. If the latest reports by The Hollywood Reporter is to be believed, the studio has big plans for their upcoming projects and that also includes the sequel to the Clown Prince Of Crime’s movie.

The report says, “So far, every movie and TV show, with the exception of Matt Reeves’ The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson and set for release in March, HBO Max’s spinoff Gotham PD, and Joker and its planned sequel, will take place in the same universe.”

Warner Bros are creating ways to connect and initiate new timelines and stories with The Flash, which is working like a hub film right now. There is no update on whether Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker will meet the other DC characters in their universes, or will have his designated stand-alone world all the time. It will be exciting to see the development either ways.

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