John Cena & Jackie Chan Made A Movie Together In 2018 But It May Never Be Released?
John Cena & Jackie Chan Shot A Movie Together In 2018 But It May Never Be Released (Photo Credit: Instagram & WWE)

John Cena and Jackie Chan once shot a movie together. No matter how unbelievable that sounds, it is absolutely true. There is a huge potential for the two notable action stars to join the forces. Both of them have their incredible feats of stunt work, which, when combined, can do wonders.


On top of that, in the last decade, a lean towards the Chinese market can be seen in Hollywood. A film between the two actors is understandable as the country is now the world’s biggest market for cinema. But what if someone told you that such a film already exists?


John Cena and Jackie Chan’s Snafu, previously known as Project X and Project X-Traction, was filmed in 2018. Even though it has been three years since then, the film was not able to see the light of day. The film was also almost financed completely by the Chinese companies. When it comes to whether the film will ever be released, here is what we know.




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