John Cena Talks About Exciting WWE For Hollywood Yet Again
John Cena Has Now Confirmed He Will Go Back To Resuming Work On His Undisclosed Hollywood Projects(Photo Credit –Twitter)

Amongst the many wrestlers turned actors that the WWE realm gifted Hollywood, one who has had the most interesting trajectory by juggling between the two times and again is John Cena. For someone who has had a resume worth a million bucks in the ring already, he chose to try his luck in acting and slowly but surely achieved somewhat similar success there, too. With massive IPs in his kitty, one of which is a part of James Gunn’s DCU, if you know, he is one of the most successful actors at the moment. But even his WWE career is flourishing, and he now announces a periodic full stop to it.

If you are unaware, Cena, a prolific WWE Champion, in his Hollywood Career until now has joined some of the biggest franchises. He is actively part of the Fast & Furious world, with multiple films already in his kitty. He is also James Gunn’s Peacemaker, with an already successful season in the past and a second in the making, as confirmed by the DCU boss.

John Cena returned to the ring recently as Hollywood was at a standstill due to the strike. Turns out now, as we see the strike reaching a conclusion in the probable near future, he is now confirming that he will quit WWE yet again to give attention to his Hollywood projects that have been at a standstill for a while now. Read on to know everything you should about the same time.

As per Ringside News, John Cena, while talking about his exit, said, “They do, they do. I’ve made it perfectly clear that you can’t do both, because of the liability insurance, and if I were to try to juggle both, then that would be selfish, because I would put a lot of people out of work if something happened to me.”

“So, yes, I stopped the project I was in, I can’t even talk about what the project was because of the strike, and we’re in the middle of it. So, as soon as I can get back to work, I get back to work. I don’t control any of that, just crossing my fingers to hope that they can figure that out. In the meantime, I came back to help with my family,” John Cena added.

Concluding his answer, the 16x World Champion said, “This isn’t the last one, but the last one is on the horizon.” Stay tuned to Koimoi for more.

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