The Expendables 4 Producer Finally Breaks Silence Over Sylvester Stallone's Reduced Role In Expend4bles & Reveals It Was For A Better Narrative, "It Gives A Good Twist..."
The Expendables 4 Producer Opens Up About Sylvester Stallone’s Less Screen Time(Photo Credit –Imdb)

The Expendables franchise is one of the most recognized action film franchises in Hollywood, and with its latest installment, The Expendables 4, aka Expend4bles fans have been pointing fingers at the makers for giving less screentime to action veteran Sylvester Stallone and giving more importance to Jason Statham’s role. The film’s producer, Les Weldon, has now opened up about it and stuck to the end of the article to know in detail.

The film retained the two pillars of the franchise, Sly and Jason, along with a few others, and they brought in new characters such as Megan Fox; yet the film failed to create magic at the box office and reportedly has the lowest opening in the film series. The less screentime of the Rambo star in the movie had been met with many criticisms and trolls online, and it was high time the makers came up with a plausible reason.

The Expendables 4 producer Les Weldon recently sat for an interview with JoBlo. He shared that it was a calculated decision to reduce Sylvester Stallone‘s screen time and give more importance to Jason Statham’s character for the sake of the film’s narrative. Weldon said, “Look, it wasn’t so much that we said, oh, we got to pass the torch here because, you know, we were thinking, what is a good story for here? And we say passing of the torch, but that doesn’t mean, you know, that that’s forever the direction we’re going.”

Expend4bles maker added, “It just happened to be the best story we had all put together that we had all thought about, and even though there is that element in there, it was a function of the script and the story. We didn’t want to make a mistake of, well, bring in this actor or bring in that actor and try to jam them in here.”

The Expendables 4 producer Les Welson further spoke of Sylvester Stallone’s reduced role and said, “This story came out organically, and Sly was all up for it, and it gives a good twist to the story and was just something that felt very organic and natural for this Expendables.”

As per MovieWeb, the Rocky star had previously revealed that The Expendables 4 would be his last film in this franchise as he said in 2021, “This will be my last day. I’m enjoying it, but it’s always bittersweet when something you’ve been so attached to – I guess since, well, now it’s been about 12 years – and ready to pass the baton on to Jason in his capable hands.”

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