When Jennifer Lawrence Described Her Father's Expression While Watching Her Film Mother
Jennifer Lawrence Once Recalled Her Father’s Gasping Expression While Watching Her Film Mother(Pic Credit: Instagram)

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most outgoing Hollywood celebrities of all time. She is known for her goofy personality, and her interviews often generate some funny moments, like the time when she spoke about her family, especially her father’s reaction, which was not related to her performance but her clothing.

Lawrence’s horror thriller film Mother came out in 2017, and Darren Aronofsky directed it. The actress portrayed her role quite convincingly, and needless to say, she has created a name for herself in the industry within a short time.

The film was quite disturbing in itself, and even Jennifer Lawrence warned her family about what they were about to see. Still, her father, Gary Lawrence, was not ready for the things he witnessed. In an interview with Seth Meyers on the Late Night show, the Hunger Games actress once recalled that the most horrifying moment for her father was to see his daughter’s ni**le.

Jennifer Lawrence recounted her father’s expression as she narrated the moment. She said, “I wasn’t really wearing a br* a lot because I’m like ‘Mother Earth’, and my dad was sitting next to me, and every time he’d go- I had just forgotten about that”. Whenever in the film the outline of her ni**le would appear on screen, Jennifer’s father would gasp. The host then said, “So the scariest element of this to your father…?” When he was cut between by the actress as she completed the sentence, “… Was the outline of my ni**le.”

However, it did not become more embarrassing for Jennifer Lawrence due to the presence of Liev Schreiber at the film’s screening, since Gary Lawrence was a big fan of Ray Donovan, portrayed by Liev. She recalled how her father was fascinated by the actor’s presence at the event and kept talking about him all day. Check out the video clip of the throwback interview here.

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