Jason Momoa Strips Down To Nak*d For 'Men's Health' Shoot & Flaunts His Washboard Abs & Stout Figure
Jason Momoa Strips Down To Nothing For ‘Men’s Health’ Shoot, Shares His Fitness Regime ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Jason Momoa is one of the A-listers of Hollywood who rose to fame after his performance in the DC universe as Aquaman. His stout physique and s*xy abs are to die for, and the actor knows that as well. In a recent magazine shoot, the star goes full n*ked on camera serving major thirst traps. Keep on scrolling to find out!

Along with the photo shoot, the magazine agency also shot an accompanying video where the actor not only went shirtless but also stripped down to nothing and flashed her p*nish and as* in the video.

When Men’s Health magazine agency knocked on Jason Momoa’s doors, he greeted the audience being n*ked and only wearing a birthday robe. Flashing his washboard abs, as* and p*nis, the Aquaman actor joked, “If I knew you were coming, I would have gotten dressed up.” He further cycled around his studio and gave a tour of his gym and fridge being completely n*de.

Watch the video here:

In the brief tour of his warehouse, Jason Momoa first showed his refrigerator that contained all the stuff for a ‘growing boy’, including mananalu canned water, a Polynesian staple dish of mash taro called poi, and a grip load of Guinness lined the Smeg appliance. There was also a Kodak film “for art,” a dog bone and kava.

Further touring around his gym, Jason shared what is his go-to regime and said, “I travel with kettle balls; they help me with my core.” He further explained how boxing and bands help him stay lean and focused while doing gruelling action scenes in his upcoming next Fast and Furious instalment, Fast X, along with Vin Diesel.

He further talked about his villainous character in Fast X and how he had a chat with Vin about it. Jason Momoa shared, “I talked to Vin and said, ‘Yo, Daddy-o, I’m here to support you, but I’m going to do it my way. I’m going to be a bad man, and you’re going to want to take me out!’ It felt really good to go there without some ego competition, like, ‘Who’s this?’ and ‘Who’s that?'”

The handsome hunk Jason Momoa explained how shocked he was to know about The Aquaman’s massive success and said, “Well, to be perfectly honest, I was absolutely baffled that Aquaman was received so well. I’ve done things that are amazing that no one sees and no one gives a shit about. You just don’t know in this business. I don’t go do things and think, Oh, I’m gonna get $1 billion on this one. I go in and do my best job.”

Well, that’s how he is. Jason Momoa’s bare body look is literally making us weak in our knees. Let us know your thoughts about Jason going full n*de on camera.

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