Jared Leto RETURNS As Joker For Zack Snyder's Justice League AKA Snyder Cut!
Jared Leto RETURNS As Joker For Zack Snyder’s Justice League AKA Snyder Cut! (Photo Credit – IMDb/YouTube)

The hype is real for Zack Snyder’s Justice League aka Snyder Cut. After running trends for months on social media, fans are finally getting what they demanded. After Joss Whedon’s version of 2017, fans are highly excited for Snyder’s version and adding to the excitement is now Jared Leto’s inclusion in the project.

Yes, you read that right. Leto will reprise his Joker for Snyder cut and will be shooting new footage for the film. Interestingly, he didn’t appear in 2017’s release, which is why fans would be eagerly waiting for his part in HBO Max’s 2021 miniseries.



Also, as Jared Leto had received mixed reviews for his Joker act in Suicide Squad, the reception of his part in Zack Snyder’s Justice League would be worth waiting for. Apart from him, Ben Affleck (Batman), Ray Fisher (Cyborg) and Amber Heard (Mera) will be returning to shoot news scenes for the film.

Even though the release date is yet to be unveiled, Zack Snyder’s Justice League’s trailer was recently revealed during DC FanDome.

Recently, in a random fan conversation on microblogging site Twitter, director David Ayer talked about Jared Leto’s Joker. A Twitter user talked about the ‘damaged tattoo’ of Suicide Squad’s Joker. His tweet read as saying, “I think the damaged tattoo is actually pretty ingenious, but only for those who understand. Joker got the tattoo because batman damaged his smile in a failed attempt at revenge for killing Robin. All with the intent to antagonize and infuriate Batman simply by seeing his face.”

To which David Ayer replied, “Exactly.” Another user pointed out, “Despite how much some DCEU fans love Suicide Squad’s Jared’s Joker, he was too creepy for compassion, and his look didn’t convince everyone like Batfleck did, appearances matter. David, you’re dealing with nerds who dislike Henry’s Superman because he doesn’t wear the trunk, you know that right?”

To which David Ayer said, “For sure character creation is a tightrope. I took inspiration from the current DC comics. I find it incredible it’s still such a topic 5 years later. My heart breaks for Jared – he did magnificent work. Most of it remains unseen.”

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